Domain and Web Hosting

Domain and Web Hosting

At Design Mavin, we provide domain and web hosting, taking away the technical complexity that comes with keeping a site on the Internet. With 99.9% uptime and a U.S. Datacenter, we are dedicated to maintaining all server-side operations and your site’s integrity through our managed cloud hosting service.

You also have the option of transferring over your domain from your current domain hosting provider. If you need help transferring your domain name to our servers, give our team a call or chat with a representative today!

Focus on your business and avoid all the web hosting hassles. Our managed cloud hosting guarantees superior performance, reliability, and choice with 24/7 technical support that acts as your extended team, making Design Mavin an ideal choice for growing businesses.

Moreover, we are committed to delivering fast performance, robust security, and seamless scalability for your websites.

We are a developer-friendly cloud hosting provider that gives you flexible options that make it straightforward to build and host your website in whatever way suits your business.

With Design Mavin, you can get any kind of website up and running quickly and securely, while retaining the ability to precisely configure and monitor your website’s infrastructure yourself.

Did you know that 85% of online customers avoid unsecured websites? Forty percent of them will abandon a website that takes 3 seconds or more to load, with every extra second of delay decreasing conversions by a further 7%.

Google Ads now recommends that all ads should be directed to an HTTPS-protected site as part of Google’s initiative to create a safer Internet.

Auto SSL helps improve security while enhancing your website's loading speed. This is why we provide free, automated SSL security with all our hosting plans. We’re dedicated 24/7 to protecting your site and content. We monitor and manage your servers and our network round the clock. 

With Auto SSL, your website is automatically protected with SSL, which helps your visitors stay safe and feel confident when buying your products and services online. Auto SSL certificates are issued and renewed automatically as long as your domain name is working and linking correctly to your web hosting account or server.

Storage space is the total amount of space on a server where you can store your web files, particularly those used to create your website. These files can be anything from HTML files, images, website scripts, and emails. Just like a filing cabinet, once the storage space is full, there is no more room for information to be saved in.

Fortunately, our customers have the luxury of upgrading or downgrading their web hosting plans at any time as their needs change. With all our packages, you get 2GB RAM and NVMe Raid 1 Storage. As the web servers and storage are on the same platform, this means visitors to your website will get faster performance.

We also offer nightly backups of your data that are automatically stored, letting you recover files from restore points if anything is deleted or lost. We ensure scalable performance so that you can deal with increasing traffic by instantly scaling up your storage capabilities.

Speed is certainly one of the major factors when it comes to your website’s overall performance. First impressions are important if you want to impress your visitors and rank higher in search engines. With years of experience, we always aim to recommend the best possible website building and managing solutions for our clients.

We offer free LiteSpeed site optimization and QUIC.Cloud CDN to ensure the best possible experience for users. Although it’s technically out of the scope of most web hosting providers, we have the trained support operators to help with LiteSpeed Cache plugin configuration. You are welcome to contact us whenever you want to test our experience and hosting expertise.

The result? Instead of your company's IT team having to focus on daily infrastructure management and site optimization, they can focus on operations without having to worry about speed, updates, and constant backups.

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Domain and Web Hosting

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Domain and Web Hosting