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Have you ever thought about whether your website design helps you connect with your clients? Do you think it may feel a little slow? A little outdated? Slightly complicated to use?

It’s time for you to learn about website development and understand that a professional-looking website is the first step in your journey to online success.

Design Mavin can help you design or redesign your website and improve its speed and functionality.

Why Choose Our Web Design & Development Service?

We don’t undermine the importance of a user-friendly website. Through our website development services, you get:

  • More Traffic – Our website developers design a beautiful and fully functional website so that you reach more customers, enhance brand reputation, and improve search engine rankings.
  • More Engagement – Customers will engage with your website better and keep the sales process flowing smoothly.
  • More Ease – Updates, and changes to your website are done quickly to take advantage of new trends.


Effective website design can also create enhance accessibility. When users find your website appealing, and easy to use, you can get your story across and promote your product/service features and benefits.

Our Website Design & Development Services

Content shared on a website is very important for businesses today as it reflects your brand personality. You must share consistent content on all possible channels to be more accessible to your consumers. The language, visuals, feelings, and message that you convey must be easily digestible for your customers.

At Design Mavin, we're dedicated to helping your business achieve the best content marketing  possible, so that you can attract more customers.

We also offer content development as an optional service. We develop exclusive content based on the information you provide us. We also write content that is packed with key words that makes it "search engine friendly".   We match your website's content, design, and text that we to appeal to your target audience.

All photos and videos used in our work are properly licensed, and websites are GDPR and CCPA compliant. We can integrate specialized plugins that help you maintain compliance.

We are dedicated to crafting engaging websites which encompass the latest web design trends. Our team deploys responsive websites that address your specific preferences. With our 6 step process, we carefully plan and implement your website's design and development and strategize on the final launch so that you can offer exceptional digital experiences at the optimal time.

With the help of our knowledgable and talented team, you too can promoted your business professionally and in style. 

You can either enjoy this service separately or combine it with monthly hosting on our web and domain hosting platform. Once your web design project is completed, you have the choice to migrate your site to either your hosting/management company or let our professionals manage your site. We can also clone your existing site and migrate it for your at an additional cost. 

About Our Service

We will re/design, develop, and manage your website, in addition to ensuring that it is up and functioning the way you vision it to.

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Website & Domain Hosting

Our clients can exclusively register for an account on our domain and web hosting platform. Check domain availability, purchase, and even transfer a domain from another provider.  

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Check emails, manage domains, and backup your files all from your own cPanel. Access your cPanel from your laptop, tablet, computer, or phone. You can manage it all on the go. And if you need our help, reach out to us!

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Monthly Management

Monthly website management can take up a significant part of your time, which you can invest in more important things. Our monthly website management service can help with that.

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